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    Dermal Piercings: What They Are and What to Expect

    Views: 0     Author: Pam     Publish Time: 2023-04-28      Origin: Site


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    Dermal piercings are a relatively new type of piercing that involves placing a small anchor under the skin and attaching a piece of jewelry to it. Unlike other types of piercings, dermal piercings can be placed almost anywhere on the body, including the face, chest, and back. In this article, we’ll cover what dermal piercings are, how they’re performed, and what to expect during the healing process.

    The first step in getting a dermal piercing is choosing a reputable piercer who has experience with this type of piercing. Once you’ve selected a piercer, they will clean the area and mark the spot where the piercing will be placed. The piercer will then use a dermal punch or needle to create a small hole in the skin and insert the anchor. The anchor is secured in place by tissue and eventually bonds with the skin, providing a stable base for the jewelry.

    Aftercare for dermal piercings involves cleaning the area twice a day with saline solution and avoiding touching the piercing with dirty hands. It’s also important to avoid swimming or soaking the piercing in water for at least six weeks to reduce the risk of infection.

    While dermal piercings are generally considered safe, there are some risks involved, including infection and scarring. It’s important to monitor the piercing for any signs of infection, such as redness, swelling, or discharge, and to seek medical attention if necessary.

    One of the unique aspects of dermal piercings is that they can be placed almost anywhere on the body. This has led to a wide variety of creative and artistic placements, including on the face, chest, and back. However, it’s important to remember that certain areas of the body may carry a higher risk of infection or complications, so it’s important to choose a piercer who is experienced and knowledgeable about dermal piercings.

    Overall, dermal piercings can be a great way to add some unique and personalized flair to your look. With proper aftercare and attention to detail, you can enjoy your new piercing without any complications. Just be sure to do your research and choose a reputable piercer to ensure a safe and successful piercing experience.

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